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"8 Hobbies to Enjoy During Your Next Boat Excursion

Boating is a fantastic hobby on its own, but it can also complement your other interests. Whether you enjoy running, painting, writing, knitting, yoga, birdwatching, hiking, or photography, here are some ideas on how to bring your hobbies with you on your next boat trip.


Explore new running areas that are accessible by boat. From jogging along the shore of an island to venturing to a park with a dock, bring your running shoes and enjoy a run in a new environment.


Experience your art in a totally new environment by doing some quick sketches in a notebook or bringing an easel with you to set up on land.


Take a trip out on the water to gather inspiration and let your creativity flow. Even journaling can be very therapeutic.


Bring your latest project and enjoy some seaside stitching, especially if you're boating in cooler temps.


Combine calming yoga with the peace of the open water to relieve stress. Try simple flows that include Seated Twist, Warrior 2, Downward Dog, and Corpse Pose.


Pack some binoculars and a local bird guidebook to see birds you might not get to see from land.


Pick a destination with trails or other sites to explore on the shore. Use to find local trails and read reviews and tips from previous visitors.


Bring your camera and switch things up by taking photos of friends and family, nature, scenery, or architecture in a new environment.

Boating can be a great way to enjoy your favorite hobbies in a new and exciting way. Just pack your gear and get ready to have some fun on the water!

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