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Freedom Boat Club Pricing

Are you looking for Freedom Boat Club pricing? You are in the right place!

As you start your investigation into boat clubs, the cost of membership is a crucial factor to take into account. We understand that you want to be as thorough as you can be in your consideration of all your alternatives because we are also consumers.

It's critical to realize that yacht club pricing does not exist as a uniform "one-stop shop" coast to coast. In this essay, we examine the factors at play and discuss why.

Two Pricing Components

All Freedom Boat Club membership plans feature two distinct pricing components:

  1. A one-time entry fee to join the club

  2. An affordable membership plan that best suits each member’s needs

The one-time fee and the cost of the monthly membership plan vary depending on where you join, and the type of plan you select.

Why Does the Cost of the One-Time Entry Fee Vary?

The one-time membership fee is determined by local market conditions, which can be very different.

Marina prices can vary greatly from market to market, much as a 2000 square foot home in Seattle, Washington, or San Francisco, California would cost significantly more than a similar home in Sarasota, Florida, or Clemson, South Carolina.

If an FBC franchise is present in a well-known boating area, the marina owner can command a high price. The franchise owner is in a competition for a small amount of slip space with other parties, such as boat owners or other business interests. It is more expensive for the FBC franchise owner to run the business the more a marina charges for slip fees, dock and office space, etc. Accordingly, the one-time admission fee is generally higher in larger metropolitan markets.

Monthly Membership Plans

The prices of plans and available monthly memberships vary by location for the same reasons.

Some clubs in warm regions provide limitless boating all year long. This necessitates year-round staffing, operations, fleet servicing, and maintenance, all of which raise the cost of boating.

Due to bad weather, some clubs only operate during certain seasons. However, due to the need to adequately winterize, service, and store the club's fleet, costs associated with commercial and operating expenses are still spent during the off-season.

Some clubs also provide unique membership plans for weekdays only or weekends alone. For active-duty or retired military personnel, as well as first responders, there are specific membership benefits in some markets. In addition, several provide "friends'n'family" programs. Franchisees and operators select the plans that best suit the needs of the members in their particular markets.

If someone asks how much it costs to join Freedom Boat Club, the answer will vary depending on where they are in North America because there are hundreds of clubs and numerous membership options. Due to this, we are unable to publish a membership rate card with uniform prices for all clubs or display all of their one-time cost or monthly plan alternatives online.

Speak to A Membership Executive for Local Market Information

Each local market's membership executive is familiar with all the membership plans that are offered and their associated prices and is happy to answer any queries you may have.

We are aware that many people are hesitant to speak with a "sales professional," but the membership executives at Freedom Boat Club are here to assist you in determining whether or not a boat club is the appropriate choice for you. They can help you weigh all of your options and explain their advantages and disadvantages.

It's okay if the cost or the membership plan doesn't fit your needs, wants, or budget. The membership executive is simply available to respond to any of your inquiries and help you arrive at the best choice possible.

How Many Times Can I Use A Boat?

You have unrestricted use. UNLIMITED

Using our unique online reservation system, you can make four reservations in advance. One of those reservations "rolls" over into the next one you make.

You can always give your preferred dock(s) a call to inquire about availability. You may use any boat in the fleet that fits your membership.

What Does the One-time Fee and Monthly Membership Plan Include?

Your local membership executive can review this in detail, but, in a nutshell, when you join Freedom Boat Club, you receive the following benefits:

Access to our fleet of boats is unrestricted! UNLIMITED. All members have unrestricted use of the boats at their neighborhood club. You may potentially have access to boats countrywide, depending on the plan you select.

Free, perpetual, one-on-one instruction provided by U.S. Coast Guard-licensed captains

Safety boating is our first priority at Freedom Boat Club for all of our members. Before using a boat on the water, you will take part in a training session with a captain who first instructs you in a classroom about the state's boating laws and regulations before giving you personalized, hands-on instruction on a boat.

Techniques for close-quarter and open-water navigation are covered throughout the on-water instruction. This training session is in-depth and comprehensive, not just a quick five-minute review that will secure your safety and give you confidence behind the wheel. You get access to infinite training, so you can always take a review session or enroll in an advanced course when it's offered. Additionally happy to help with local orientations are our captains.

Insurance protection. We give you the same protection you would get if you had bought a boat rather than joined the club. You are an Additional Insured in our $1,000,000 Watercraft Liability policy that shields you from third-party lawsuits while the Freedom boat is in your care, custody, or control. You are also a Permissive Operator under the physical damage policy that covers our boats.

Special occasions and social occasions. Freedom Boat Club is a social club, and the frequently held FBC Socials are a fantastic way to meet new people who share your enthusiasm for boating while also having a great time! Events take place seasonally in certain places during their peak boating.

In addition, Freedom Boat Club has a national partnership with West Marine, so many clubs host fishing seminars or other specialty programs for their members in local West Marine stores.

What Isn’t Covered In the Monthly Membership Fee?

Every Freedom Boat Club location and competitor has the same response to this query: gasoline.

Many of our clubs use fuel flow meters, which are started at dock check-out and thoroughly examined during dock check-in. You are only ever charged for the petrol you actually use while on your trip.

Some Freedom Boat Clubs provide supplemental packages with extra insurance protection and towing provisions. You can get complete information from your local membership executive.

The experienced dock staff at each Freedom Boat Club is solely dedicated to helping members board, check in, depart from the pier, and return. They will gladly assist with loading and unloading.

Our Members Bill of Rights

We operate according to an established Members Bill of Rights, which is given to all new members, and clearly communicates what you should expect as a member of Freedom Boat Club.

We highly encourage you to read it for yourself. Click Here for more information.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Freedom Boat Club. We hope you found this article helpful! Our goal is to be as transparent as possible, and to treat our members in the same manner as we would want to be treated.

Freedom Boat Club has been in business since 1989, and is the oldest and largest boat club in the world. With more than 15,000 members and a 93% annual retention rate, we strive to provide superior boating experiences for our members, helping to create memories to last a lifetime!



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